Thursday, August 7, 2014

Morse Blog Has an Updated Look

You may notice that the blog template has been changed. The old one was defunct and wouldn't allow me to enlarge the pictures. For that reason alone, I think readers will enjoy this template better. I liked the simplicity of the old template but also like the color potential of the newer one. I hope that you can see that I tried to be respectful of Morse's aesthetic and not interfere too much. Other than that, nothing has changed.


  1. Nice look! Good job. May I suggest a checklist of her books? Jeff H.

    1. Jeff, My book, The Proper Decoration of Book Covers, which is prominently featured on the right side bar and has a page of its own in this blog, is a full catalog of her books and it is fully illustrated. The blog takes over from there, in that everything I have found since publication is or will be on the blog.